Kitchen Hoods

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Feldkamp Enterprises' Induction Aire Exhaust Hoods are manufactured using the finest quality materials, assembly, techniques and mechanics in the industry. All hoods are custom built to your specification. Care is taken in every step to ensure that your hood will not only operate properly, but will be the focal point of your kitchen space.

Top Quality

Visit our learning center and compare our Induction Aire hoods to our competitions' products. What you will find is that our energy-efficient hoods are a giant step above the rest! We start by incorporating a much thicker and superior grade of stainless steel than our competitors (16GA Type 304). We also use a #4 polished finish while the competition continues to cut their costs by using 20GA Type 430 (inferior) stainless that eventually starts to rust and a #3 polish. They will then spot weld and caulk the seams and corners. Feldkamp hoods have been built solid from Day 1 and we have never had to change the makeup in 35 years. From design to quality, no other manufacturer comes close to Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc.



All of our systems can be purchased "turnkey". Instead if purchasing your hood from a "middle man" then hiring an installer, an engineer to design and obtain permits, and a fire suppression contractor to install the ansul system, let us do it ALL for you! Your project will be hassle free and your work will be performed by factory professionals.


Induction Aire hoods do not depend upon a costly, separate, make-up air system. By supplying some of its own unconditioned make-up, the energy savings are more than obvious. Our key to successful handling of untempered air is the high velocity make-up orifice. Without this uniquely designed orifice, the cold air would fall on the cooking surface. By simply using the Induction-Aire system, kitchens can be easily air conditioned, due to minimum air changes.

Residential Hoods

If you would like more information about our residential hoods, please visit MetalCraft.

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