Owner: James (Beau) Feldkamp, Jr., President, CEO
Josh Zins, Vice President

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In 1965, Feldkamp Sheetmetal was started by James Feldkamp, Sr. (better known as Jim) and his wife, Rosemary. With the start-up of the business, Jim signed a contract with the union since he was a Union member. He purchased a small building at 612 Burns St., located in lower Price Hill, taking his hand brake and shear from his garage. Jim's new enterprise consisted of himself and his foreman, a two-man operation. Their vehicle fleet was 1 small pick-up truck. This was the start of their sheetmetal business.

In 1967, James Feldkamp, Jr. (better known as Beau Feldkamp) at the age of 17 began working summers in the shop for his father. In 1968, Jim, Sr. expanded and bought the 2-story building located next door, and continued to expand by purchasing small neighboring buildings, knocking holes in the walls to connect them. Beau became a full-time employee of Feldkamp Sheetmetal after a few years and in 1975, he left his father's business to start his own non-union sheetmetal shop under the name of "Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc." Beau rented a small building in Westwood with a total of 4 employees, 1 truck, little equipment, and a lot of initiative! The father and son businesses continued operating simultaneously. Five years later, Chadd, the youngest of the Feldkamp family, went into his father's business drafting sheetmetal, which he did for the next four years.

In 1984, Feldkamp Sheetmetal dissolved and Jim Feldkamp, Sr. went into semi-retirement. Chadd then left and went to work for his brother at Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. He soon took over office management, took partial ownership, and became Secretary/Treasurer then Vice President.

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In 1985, Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. moved into Jim's buildings in Price Hill. At this time, FEI employed about 15-30 people. Once the Service Department was started and with production continuing to grow, the Burns St. shop had become too small. Beginning in 1996, FEI leased The Lunkenheimer Valve Building (25,000 sq.ft.) for 6 years for a duct shop. The Burns St. shop was then designated for the manufacturing of induction air hood systems (a product of FEI). In 2001, Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. purchased its current location on Muddy Creek Rd., a 42,000 sq. ft. building on an 8 acre parcel. In 2002, FEI also began doing pipefitting and plumbing work as well as sheetmetal becoming a full mechanical contractor. Specialties are: plumbing, HVAC and duct installation, duct fabrication, custom hoods, design/build and service work.

Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. quickly grew to over 225 employees and currently employs over 150 people, and has approximately 32 projects going on. There are 3 FEI semi-trucks, 35 company fleet trucks and 15 service vehicles to get everything done and all men/material where they need to be.

Feldkamp has been a member of the Ohio Valley ABC since 2000. With their help, FEI can provide apprenticeship training in Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sheetmetal. To learn more, please contact us directly.

Celebrated projects include Pleasant Ridge Elementary (1st LEED Gold CPS School), Sands Montessori (LEED Gold Certified), Adams County Regional Medical Center, Madison PK-6 Elementary and Social Security Building-Evendale.

Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc., licensed in OH, KY and IN, now has a Columbus Office and is growing into the Lexington area as well.