City of Cincinnati Police District Three Headquarters

Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. is proud to have been a part of this LEED Platinum Project.

Located at 2300 Ferguson Road near Glenway Avenue, the new Police District 3 station will proudly serve 14 neighborhoods.At 39,000 square feet, the new facility more than doubles the space of the previous facility and will include community gathering space and public art.

District 3 is being built to the highest sustainable design status and will achieve LEED Platinum status. Beyond LEED credentials, the facility (potentially using PACE financing) is designed to achieve Net Zero Energy Consumption (meaning the facility will generate as much energy as it consumes). Other notable environmental capabilities include a high performance building envelope, which will exceed code requirements to reduce energy demands; geothermal mechanical systems; and solar panels. The site is located at the high point of MSD’s Lick Run Valley project and will reduce potable water consumption by 30%. Onsite bioretention cells and strategic use of site design materials will also be used to alleviate the burden on the existing combined sewer overflow system.